As a club we have a number of layouts.

Monks Green 00 Gauge - DCC
Pelen Town N Gauge - Analogue
Children's Layout 00 Gauge - Analogue
Running Board 00 / N Gauge - Analogue
Ted's Sawmill / 00 Gauge - Digital



Monks Green 00 Gauge - DCC  ^Top^

Over the course of the last two or so years a number of members have taken on board the refurbishment of this once basic running track and converted it into a DCC layout. The pictures below are from the May 2014 club show where it was first exhibited. Work is still continuing on the scenery and we hope to exhibit it once again in the future once this further work is completed.

SAM_0584.jpg SAM_0587.jpg SAM_0589.jpg

SAM_0590.jpg SAM_0591.jpg SAM_0595.jpg

SAM_0596.jpg SAM_0597.jpg SAM_0598.jpg

SAM_0599.jpg SAM_0600.jpg SAM_0601.jpg

SAM_0602.jpg SAM_0603.jpg SAM_0604.jpg



Pelen Town N Gauge  - Analogue ^Top^

Pelen Town has existed  as a basic N Gauge running board for the club for a few years. That was before Peter and Len got their heads together and decided to 'do a little bit of work' on the board. What you now see is the fruition of their hard work at the 2014 club show.

SAM_0606.jpg SAM_0607.jpg SAM_0608.jpg

SAM_0609.jpg SAM_0610.jpg SAM_0611.jpg

SAM_0612.jpg SAM_0627.jpg SAM_0628.jpg

SAM_0630.jpg SAM_0631.jpg SAM_0633.jpg

SAM_0634.jpg SAM_0635.jpg SAM_0636.jpg

SAM_0637.jpg SAM_0638.jpg SAM_0639.jpg


Children's Layout 00 Gauge - Analogue ^Top^

The children's layout can be found most club nights set up and running straight away for our younger members although some of the older members like to sneak on sometimes with perhaps one of their trains for testing! It is beautifully arranged with scenery and building for exhibitions by Maria and Robin when it can then be controlled by visiting children. (Matthew needs to get a lot more pictures of this layout as these few do it no justice!)

SAM_0667.jpg SAM_0668.jpg SAM_0669.jpg



Running Board 00  / N Gauge - Analogue ^Top^

On the 5th Friday we aim to have the running board. There are 4 00 and 4 n gauge tracks. Each track has a main loop and a passing loop. This layout gives member the chance to run their engines on a longer track than usual. On the most recent evening we trialled a 1/2 hour timetable system per track thus giving a fair go for anyone wishing to run. 

20141031_184541.jpg 20141031_184620.jpg 20141031_184634.jpg

20141031_190724.jpg 20141031_200306.jpg 20141031_202444.jpg

20141031_202455.jpg 20141031_202502.jpg 20141031_202512.jpg


Ted's Sawmill  / 00 Gauge -  Digital ^Top^

Ted's Sawmill is a 00 gauge layout kindly donated to us by one of treasured (and now sadly no longer with us) members. The board is undergoing a large revamp and restoration but still maintaining it's original focus of a sawmill. We have realid some of the track in order to give it a better flow and to make more sense. We have rewired all the track and points in readiness for its conversion to DCC. We have built a new fiddle yard to go on one end. Hills have been built, tunnels adjusted an lots more beside. Derek and Alistair have been the driving force behind alot of the work. Look out for it at our 2016 Annual Exhibition.

20150925_194426.jpg 20151009_192430.jpg 20151009_192441.jpg

20151009_192449.jpg 20151009_203322.jpg 20151009_203328.jpg

20151009_203336.jpg 20151009_203347.jpg 20151023_205202.jpg

20151023_205208.jpg 20151113_205718.jpg