Annual Exhibition 2016

Our annual show took place over the weekend of 14th - 15th May.

Setup was the night before. We had a range of layouts in 00 and N Gauge.

Click here to see the press article on the show.

View our pictures of the show below.

Many thanks to Simon and Bob for the photographic skills.


DSC_3602.jpg DSC_3605.jpg DSC_3606.jpg

DSC_3608.jpg DSC_3609.jpg DSC_3610.jpg

DSC_3618.jpg DSC_3619.jpg DSC_3620.jpg

DSC_3621.jpg DSC_3633.jpg DSC_3634.jpg

DSC_3635.jpg DSC_3636.jpg DSC_3637.jpg

DSC_3638.jpg DSC_3643.jpg DSC_3680.jpg

DSC_3693.jpg DSC_3694.jpg DSC_3698.jpg

DSC_3704.jpg DSC_3705.jpg DSC_3714.jpg

DSC_3729.jpg DSC_3731.jpg DSC_3732.jpg

DSC_3735.jpg DSC_3750.jpg DSC_3753.jpg

DSC_3760.jpg DSC_3769.jpg P1000936.JPG

P1000937.JPG P1000938.JPG P1000941.JPG

P1000942.JPG P1000945.JPG P1000946.JPG

P1000948.JPG P1000949.JPG P1000950.JPG