The layout consists of branch line scratch built buildings of Wallingford and Tetbury Termini.

Some time ago I acquired part of a layout which was of Walling ford Terminus in Oxfordshire, which needed a little bit of TLC, so all the buildings and accessories were removed from the base board with the intention of recreating the same image on a new board. Having thought about it I decided to change the layout and hopefully create a bit more interest, by altering the track layout different to the original, and adding a turntable and sidings, including a cattle dock.

The person who made the building must have had time and patience to make them, I had intended to make a goods shed in the same way but found that time was against me, I therefore reverted to using superquick papers, and scratch built a Tetbury good shed that was in Gloucester. Unfortunately, many of these Termini have long gone.

The layout is 13'(396.24cm) long by 2'x4"(73.1S2cm) wide, free standing, and this is my first attempt at DCC. The rolling stock will be GWR passenger whereas the goods stock could be from any region.


20150510_154222.jpg 20150510_154233.jpg 20150510_154246.jpg

20150510_154300.jpg 20150510_154315.jpg 20150510_154331.jpg

20150510_154429.jpg 20150510_154441.jpg 20150510_154456.jpg

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