Annual Exhibition 2019

Our annual show took place over the weekend of 11th - 12th May.

Setup was the night before. We had a range of layouts in 00 and N and 009 Gauge.

Click here to see the press article on the show.

View our pictures of the show below.



3CatoPassMe768pixels.jpg IMG_6403.jpg IMG_6405.jpg

IMG_6408.jpg IMG_6411.jpg IMG_6413.jpg

IMG_6414.jpg IMG_6430.jpg IMG_6432.jpg

IMG_6437.jpg IMG_6441.jpg IMG_6449.jpg

IMG_6455.jpg IMG_6457.jpg IMG_6461.jpg

IMG_6464.jpg IMG_6475.jpg IMG_6478.jpg

IMG_6479.jpg IMG_6482.jpg IMG_6485.jpg

IMG_6488.jpg IMG_6492.jpg IMG_6497.jpg

IMG_6526.jpg IMG_6528.jpg IMG_6529.jpg

IMG_6533.jpg IMG_6572.jpg IMG_6573.jpg

IMG_6581.jpg IMG_6612.jpg IMG_6619.jpg


This video was produced by Laurie Calvert who exhibited his layout, Cato Pass.

This second video was produced by Mike and Douglas Potter from Budget Model Railways